CogniBenTM - a nutraceutical that supports cognitive health.

We used science-based product development to create CogniBenTM, which supports cognitive health and focus in adults with symptoms of cognitive impairment.

What is a brain supplement?

Brain supplements are natural supplements or medications that promote healthy cognitive function, increase focus and awareness, and promote mental energy.

How does our brain supplement work?

CogniBenTM includes a synergistic blend of ingredients with proven cognitive benefits that work to support cognitive function*, increase awareness*, and restore mental alertness*. 

The ingredients in CogniBenTM are clinically researched with​proper therapeutic dosages incorporated for every ingredient to achieve the best results.

Why brain health matters:

Keeping a focused and alert mind is essential to your health. Supporting cognitive function is the mission of CogniBenTM and it has​proven clinical efficacy in adults with symptoms of cognitive impairment.

Our Clinical Advisors
Dr. Daria Davidson, D.O. 

Emergency and Integrative Medicine Physician 

A practicing physician for more than 3 decades with 20 years in the ER, Dr. Daria has treated over 70,000 patients. As a Board Certified in Integrative/Holistic Medicine, she has spoken to audiences around the world on the use of targeted dietary supplements that support healthy function for a vast array of wellness concerns.